How does Everymind operate in the Telco segment?

Communication companies are gaining more and more new processes every day, so managing the product catalog and inventory is the start of a successful journey with your customers. The Salesforce platform is prepared for this industry segment, and with its adoption it is possible to have 100% efficiency in the management of subscriptions, a personalized omnichannel sales and after-sales channel, PAP with check-in and check-out control of visits and real-time management of field service teams. Find out how Everymind can help your business.

Communications Cloud
It’s one of Salesforce’s main clouds, an accelerator focused on the communications industry that makes it possible to quickly and efficiently implement the entire journey, in addition to creating all the product and service catalog control, inventory management, PAP sales management (own or third party), channel centralization and order management according to each company’s needs.

EPC – Business Product Catalog
Salesforce’s Enterprise Product Catalog (EPC) makes it possible to effectively present and manage a portfolio of products that are relevant to customers, launched at the most opportune time and at low cost. EPC helps you manage the end-to-end processes and product data relevant to your organization’s product development, launch and lifecycle management activities.

The EPC provides the main components needed to centralize, configure, integrate and maintain the portfolio of products and services throughout the company. EPC, a centralized catalog, contains all the commercial and technical elements you use to define reusable building blocks of products and services and resulting offers.

Solutions applied to


Master your processes and implement Salesforce in your company in an agile way to optimize all processes such as: sales, product catalog management, orders, equipment inventory and B2B and B2C after-sales, so that they work towards the best customer experience, in a consultative and personalized way with Everymind.

Data & Analytics

Get all the key data on your business, such as: tracking sales reps and telco customers quickly for decision-making, and start to understand how artificial intelligence can be applied to your company’s needs.


We know that there are a number of processes on various platforms that need to be integrated in order to reconcile the entire day-to-day strategy. Integrate your systems and gain agility.

Sustainability and Governance

After implementing Salesforce, have a team ready to help you reduce the setbacks that can occur in a crisis.