How does Everymind operate in the Agribusiness segment?

Aimed at the challenges of agribusiness, Eveymind works with the industry using Salesforce solutions to support relationship management with the ecosystem of companies, such as producers and input suppliers, guaranteeing demand planning in line with harvests.

Relationship management
Up-to-date view of active contracts with producers and partners, seeking to plan demands with greater precision.

Loyalty programs
The need for loyalty programs, increasing the productivity of partners and producers through rewards.

Digital channels
Use of digital channels to enable self-service.

Solutions applied to

Harvest-based sales process

Demand planning connected to contract management with producers and partners, using the harvest calendar as a reference. Quoting and monitoring purchase orders, ensuring an end-to-end view of the trades made.


Creation and management of loyalty programs with producers and partners, establishing segmentations based on levels, defining scoring rules and communication models, engaging the consumer through rewards such as benefits and discounts.


Segmentation, creation of campaign guidelines and generation of personalized journeys, enabling communication with producers and partners on multiple communication channels.

Multi-Cloud Solutions

Executive dashboards, using Tableau and CRMA analytical clouds, providing a consolidated view of the operation. Use of CRM to manage occurrences in the supply chain, enabling rapid action to resolve incidents in the supply and transportation of raw materials and inputs.


For rapid implementation, adhering to the needs of the industry, Everymind has established templates for configuring the multiple Salesforce clouds, focused on the multiple product harvest calendars, segmentations and designs of consumer journeys for engagement and digital channels for self-service.