How does Everymind operate in the Retail segment?

For the retail industry, Eveyrmind works with Salesforce solutions aimed primarily at consumer and shopper relationship and engagement, with a view to increasing satisfaction in the shopping experience in physical stores and digital channels.

Consumer engagement
Creating more personalized journeys to engage the consumer, both for online and offline experiences.

Shopper loyalty
Management of loyalty programs, gamifying shopper purchases through rewards such as benefits and coupons.

Increased level of customer service
Expansion of self-service, enabling better reception and support for purchases in physical stores.

Solutions applied to

Customer Data & Marketing

Capture consumer behavior data on multiple channels, enabling data to be unified on a single platform. Segmentation, creation of campaign rules and generation of personalized journeys, making it possible to communicate with consumers on multiple channels.

Retail Media

Management of campaign negotiations and media displayed on the channels, with a holistic and reconciled view of all the ads, agencies, industries, brands and how they relate to each other, enabling monetization recommendations through consistent pricing and exploitation of underused channels.


Creation and management of customer relationship programs, establishing segmentations based on levels, defining scoring rules and communication models, engaging the consumer through benefits, discounts and experiences.

Multi-Cloud Solutions

Use of multiple Salesforce clouds to expand consumer relationship channels: Service Cloud, for customer service or shopper support; B2C Commerce connected to CRM to standardize the online and offline experience; Mobile Apps to turn the store employee into a concierge for the shopper.


For rapid implementation, adhering to the needs of the Retail industry, Everymind has established templates for configuring the multiple Salesforce clouds, focused on segmentations and designs of consumer journeys for engagement, digital channels for self-service, process templates for activating sellers in the marketplace.