Campaign Management and Planning in the Marketing Cloud

How does Everymind work with this solution?

Offering a full range of services to maximize the potential of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. With in-depth technical and strategic knowledge, we stand out from the implementation and operation of platforms to the management of campaigns that generate impact and tangible results for companies in different industries and segments.

Deep Experience and Comprehensive Team Certifications

Our team is made up of certified specialists with in-depth knowledge and experience of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, guaranteeing a superior level of competence and ability to deal with the most complex day-to-day challenges.

Strategic and Personalized Approach

We work closely with our clients to understand their pains, challenges and specific business objectives. Our approach is personalized, developing strategies tailored to the unique needs of each company to maximize results.

Ongoing Support and Customer Education

In addition to implementing solutions, we are committed to training our clients. We offer ongoing support after implementation, providing guidance, training and educational resources to ensure that your team is fully equipped to use all the features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Continuous Innovation and Monitoring of Best Practices

We are always up to date with the latest updates and best practices for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Our dedication to innovation and continuous learning allows us to offer modern and effective solutions that are in line with the constantly evolving trends and demands of the market.

Count on Everymind to support your Salesforce operations with a team of multi-cloud experts
focused on industries.

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applied to Salesforce Clouds.

At Everymind, we’re ready to take your marketing goals to the next level with our expertise in implementing Salesforce’s marketing cloud platforms. We use personalized strategies and precise adjustments to maximize the potential of all Salesforce Marketing Cloud solutions.

What’s more, our customer-centric approach guarantees a smooth implementation adapted to your company’s specific needs. Count on us to boost your digital presence and achieve exceptional results in your marketing strategy using any of the solutions below.

Data Cloud for Marketing

Salesforce’s Data Cloud for Marketing is a robust data source that offers a wide range of detailed information on consumers and companies. It brings together a variety of data sources to create comprehensive and accurate customer profiles, allowing companies to better understand their target audience and develop more targeted and effective marketing strategies.

Marketing Cloud Engagement

With Marketing Cloud Engagement, companies can create highly personalized and automated customer journeys. This involves mapping the customer journey from first contact to conversion and beyond, allowing relevant and timely messages to be sent at different touchpoints, such as email, SMS, WhatsApp, Push Notification and other channels.

Marketing Cloud Personalization

Marketing Cloud Personalization stands out for its ability to create totally personalized and individual customer journeys. This allows companies to build communication flows that respond to the individual actions and behaviors of each customer, guaranteeing a hyper-personalized, continuous and cohesive experience across all touchpoints, including in-app modals, websites, in-app, sales terminals, etc.

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud Account Engagement is a solution designed specifically for companies targeting the B2B (business-to-business) market and wanting to create personalized, targeted experiences for specific corporate accounts.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence

Marketing Cloud Intelligence is based on advanced data analysis to provide actionable insights. It uses artificial intelligence and predictive analysis to identify trends, behavior patterns and opportunities, helping to make more informed strategic decisions.

Salesforce Loyalty

Salesforce Loyalty is a solution for loyalty and rewards programs. It allows you to create and manage personalized loyalty programs, offer rewards to loyal customers and engage more effectively with your customer base, encouraging repeat purchases and brand advocacy with native integration with Marketing Cloud Engagement, enabling engagement across multiple communication channels.


2-week sprints.


Reviewing all project requirements with Business before the start of each sprint.


Planning the most strategic stories for the solution, in order of priority.


Team developing the planned stories, using Everymind accelerators and Salesforce Platform resources.

Team tests

Validation of deliveries, always following the defined agreement of what can be considered ready for acceptance.

Customer tests

Joint tests to ensure that the deliveries are in line with the process, as well as checking the usability of the solution.


Executive presentation of the team’s deliverables, together with a project status report.