How does Everymind work with this solution?

Integrations, API Management and Hyperautomation RPA with Mulesoft.

Everymind, through Mulesoft, unlocks the potential of its systems, transforming complexities into efficiency. Our specialized integration team customizes solutions to connect systems, automate processes and catalyze your digital transformation journey, enabling you to obtain a 360° view of your business. Get in touch and find out how our unique approach can boost productivity and innovation in your company.

Specialized and Certified Team

Our team is made up of highly specialized professionals, 100% of whom are certified in Mulesoft. This expertise ensures that each project is conducted with precision and in-depth knowledge, resulting in effective and reliable solutions.

Commitment to Innovation

Everymind embraces innovation as part of our culture. We are constantly updated with the latest technologies and trends, allowing us to offer integration solutions that are at the forefront of the sector.

Success Story

Our integration division has a solid track record of successful projects. The experience and knowledge accumulated over the years ensure that we can tackle complex challenges and offer reliable solutions.

Delivery speed

Through Mulesoft’s connectors and accelerators, we can achieve an accelerated delivery, making it possible to obtain the result more quickly and safely.

Count on Everymind for
integrate your systems, manage your APIs and automate processes.

How the solution is
applied in Salesforce Clouds.

Systems integration

In simpler terms, integration is the process of combining two or more things to create a whole. For companies, the term integration generally refers to the integration of software or systems, i.e. bringing several systems together so that they work as a collaborative unit.

Integration allows information to be shared between connected systems. These integration solutions can work in various ways, whether it’s requesting information from a website, internal employee systems sending and receiving information, or by connecting customer data from a point-of-sale system to the CRM to automate recommendations.

Regardless of the sector, software integration can be applied to various use cases for almost any aspect or department of the company, as long as there are many systems, applications, devices or data sets that need to be connected.

API Management

API Management is the process of designing, publishing, documenting and analyzing APIs in a secure environment. Through an API management solution, an organization can ensure that the public and internal APIs it creates are consumable and secure.

Hyperautomation RPA

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a software technology that combines robotics and automation to perform repetitive tasks. RPA is a method of automating business processes that uses an application or a “bot” that replicates the actions of an employee on the desktop, interacting with an interface in the same way as a human.

RPA tools can record users performing repetitive tasks and generate a script that the software robot follows to perform that task.


Our methodology is based on efficiency and adaptability. We start each project with a detailed analysis of the client’s needs. Our highly specialized team designs customized solutions, applying the best industry practices and technology. During implementation, we follow an agile approach that allows for continuous adjustments to ensure the success of the project. In addition to agile best practices, we also use Mulesoft Catalyst.

MuleSoft Catalyst is a delivery methodology developed by Mulesoft and used by its partners to ensure that customers are successful in achieving their results, avoiding common pitfalls.

To achieve business transformation, technology alone is not enough. Today, organizations need to have the right operating model, organizational structure and execution approach to be successful. MuleSoft Catalyst is centered on three main pillars to meet these needs.