How does Everymind operate in the Professional Services segment?

We use Salesforce to manage all the services that can be marketed and automate the process of selling services, managing contracts, increasing sales growth and day-to-day strategy for the operation through reports and dashboards. Everymind is supporting the conversion of its processes to a digital transformation initiated by Salesforce.

Sales Cloud
Optimize your sales processes, manage contracts with your customers and obtain relevant data for revenue growth, increased productivity and customer relations.

Experience Cloud
With digital multi-channel customer service, Service Cloud will support your customer service area with automated service and reports, guaranteeing an efficient service operation.

Solutions applied to
Professional Services.


Automate your sales process through Salesforce, increasing your sales with productivity and agility in decision-making through KPIs.

Data & Analytics

Consolidate your data in an assertive way, generating reports in real time and supporting decisions to improve service.