Data & Analytics

How does Everymind work with this solution?

We specialize in market-leading Data Analytics solutions. Our team is made up of certified professionals who specialize in data, using technology to speed up decision-making. We have several dashboards that show your industry’s main indicators, enabling fast, low-cost and fully customized deliveries.

We believe that decisions based on data are essential to give your company the competitive edge it needs. That’s why our team of experts is made up of professionals with extensive knowledge of various industries, offering a consultative service.

In addition, we use artificial intelligence to speed up and increase your team’s productivity in data analysis. This allows them to focus on making more assertive decisions, providing significant potential for discovering new insights.

Certified Specialization

Expertise from certified professionals specializing in data, ensuring a high standard of knowledge in your industry.

Fast and customized deliveries

We have accelerators to speed up deliveries, providing fast, low-cost solutions adapted to the client’s specific needs.

Consultative approach

Our team of experts stands out for having a consultative approach, with a great ability to understand the particularities of different industries and offer customized solutions.

Artificial Intelligence for Productivity

We strategically use artificial intelligence to streamline processes and increase team productivity in data analysis, allowing us to focus on more assertive decisions and the discovery of new insights.

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Discover how Everymind can leverage your business with the best data strategy. Check out the entire data journey below.

Data Integration

Integrate your systems via API.

Data Management

Manage and monitor data flow and security.

Data Engineering

Automation of loading and sanitizing processes.

Self-Service Analytics

Data dictionary and information delivery.

Advanced Analytics

Big Data and Machine Learning.

Predictive Analysis

Artificial Intelligence for predictive analysis.

Data Visualization

UX and UI.


From an in-depth understanding of the business and the mapping of areas, it is possible to design an information dissemination strategy.

We use a methodology of pro-business objective analysis as our guide, promoting collaboration and ensuring commitment in the application of this process, with the aim of providing a personalized experience.