How does Everymind work with this solution?

Everymind is a specialist, leader and benchmark in Salesforce implementations, with proven expertise in all available Salesforce solutions. We have a large team with official Salesforce certifications and have been awarded for 3 consecutive years as the only Brazilian partner to lead all ISG quadrants in the Salesforce ecosystem.

We have Capricho as a non-negotiable pillar, as well as business knowledge in various industry segments. This allows us to be consultative, combining the best of the platform with the best implementation for the different business processes.

Specialized and certified team

Our team has more than 350 experts and more than 500 certifications covering all Salesforce solutions, including Salesforce Industries, where we have experts on our team who participated in the architecture and design of Vlocity.

In addition to our high technical level, we have a depth of knowledge in a wide range of industries, so that the implementation gets the best out of the platform for your business.

Commitment to Innovation

We take care to keep up to date with all the latest Salesforce news, as well as the biggest trends in the market. To do this, we have a team focused on architecture, research and development, so that we can get down to the reality of how Salesforce can help your day-to-day business. Innovations such as Generative AI (GenAI), productivity, accelerators and data are on our daily agenda.

Success Story

Our concern for customer success is another non-negotiable pillar, where we achieve the highest levels of proven quality, officially attested to by Salesforce in its official CSAT program.

Closed scope

Implementation and team tailored to the defined requirements. Ideal for cases where we have clear requirements and objectives.

Time & Material – Dedicated squad – Open scope

Your needs being driven by a self-sufficient and complete squad, which understands and refines your journey throughout the sprints, helping to materialize the business objectives. Ideal when you don’t have everything defined or need gradual detailing throughout the implementation or even continuous evolutionary maintenance.

Professional Services

One-off specialists or specific profiles who can make up the client’s internal squads or take on specific roles in the Salesforce implementation or evolution journey.


We analyze the current context, identify the objectives and where we want to go. Our vision maps out the AS-IS and shows alternatives for the TO-BE, giving a vision of time, investment, but above all, assertiveness and guidance for a successful journey for business needs.

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How the solution is

applied to Salesforce Clouds.

Implementation is applied to all Salesforce Clouds.






Customer 360

Data Cloud


Acquisition & Sales

Onboarding & Service

Engagement & Loyalty


Agile methodology, deliveries with closed scope models, dedicated squads, Time & Material or even specific specialists to make up our clients’ internal squads. In all the models we were able to show the high added value that a specialized team can bring.