How does Everymind operate in the education sector?

The day-to-day running of an educational institution requires a lot of organization and processes that take into account the well-being of any student, which is why, when we talk about the education industry, Everymind is the first company in Brazil to implement an Education Cloud. Through this work, we realized that the greatest common concern among the institutions is to relate to the student from the selection process to the end of their cycle within the institution, what we call the student’s journey. Using the Salesforce platform, Everymind is able to create automated flows and processes in a consultative manner, providing greater visibility and a better relationship with the student during their journey at the educational institution. Want to know how to increase your students’ engagement and win new ones? Talk to us and have a successful journey for your customers!

Education Cloud
Through Education Cloud, we create a relationship between student and institution, bringing greater knowledge of the student to the institution, making it possible to offer more products, as well as creating retention plans, institution management, selection processes, alumni and many more options that guarantee the success and growth of the educational strategy.

Experience Cloud
We use Experience Cloud to integrate the student with the educational institution, where we provide access to study content, visibility of new courses and all their information, bringing the possibility of relating through digital service channels.

Solutions applied to


Create your selection process and internal flows that guarantee the relationship between student and institution, bringing visibility and engagement to the operation.

Data & Analytics

Consolidate your data in an assertive way, generating important KPIs for decision making, such as student satisfaction in real time, number of defaulting students, among others.


Integrating systems with Salesforce brings greater productivity to the operation by guaranteeing information in a single place, bringing agility to the creation of strategies.