Financial Services

How does Everymind operate in the Financial Services segment?

Financial services involve a wide range of detailed and complex processes, but one of the most challenging is understanding the customer journey from end to end. This journey begins with marketing strategies to attract leads and the constant analysis of results, extends to the completion of business and covers the entire after-sales and service process. Everymind specializes in optimizing all these procedures, thanks to the use of Salesforce solutions, resulting in an impressive increase of up to 40% in sales on electronic channels. And with the ability to effectively manage multiple products and centralized services. We cross-sell products according to the customer’s profile, offering customized solutions that meet each individual’s financial needs.

Financial Services Cloud
One of Salesforce’s main clouds, this is an accelerator focused on the financial industry, which makes it possible to quickly and accurately implement the entire journey of the financial sector, in addition to creating all the control of various pre-parameterized products and services.

Centralizing data
With the centralization of products and services, it is possible to know and control all the customer’s data, as well as understand their behavior and, with this, propose new options and opportunities to them.

Solutions applied to
Financial Services.


Master your processes and implement Salesforce in your company with agility, to optimize all processes in a consultative and personalized way with Everymind.

Data & Analytics

Get all the data you need quickly for decision-making, and start to understand how artificial intelligence can be applied to your company’s needs.


We know that there are a number of processes on various platforms that need to be integrated in order to reconcile the entire day-to-day strategy. Integrate your systems and gain agility.

Sustainability and Governance

After implementing Salesforce, have a team ready to help you reduce the setbacks that can occur in a crisis.