Health &
Life Sciences

How does Everymind operate in the Health & Life Sciences segment?

The structure of a company that focuses on patient health requires various protocols, processes, services and many other actions that are necessary on a daily basis. Salesforce’s Health Cloud allows the institution to have the end-to-end journey of customer navigation throughout the care and post-care period, creating digital channels with WhatsApp and bot for all clinical staff and patients, focusing on accreditation and medical relationships. Everymind has a team certified in Health Cloud, and can build a successful journey that brings greater productivity, profitability and predictability.

Sales Cloud
The platform enables more autonomy, empowerment and agility for the entire institution’s team, with fast and prioritized service according to criticality and different service channels according to the preference of each front.

Service Cloud – Automated after-sales
With implementation, it’s possible to use different metrics for each type of registration, automatic contract generation ensures greater speed, an SLA flow helps monitor indicators for meeting the registration target, and helps identify bottlenecks in the process, among many other gains.

Solutions applied to
Health & Life Sciences.


Create connections with your patients effectively so that you have a complete journey in a personalized and specialized way. Get the processes you need to guarantee the best service.

Data & Analytics

Master your data to build effective and personalized data for your institution.


We know that there are several processes that are on various platforms, such as SAP, GENE, Philips Tasy, among others. Create a complete and robust 360° view of your customers.

Sustainability and Governance

After implementing Salesforce, have a team ready to help you reduce the setbacks that can occur in a crisis.


Connect your data, people and processes to the Salesforce Health Cloud with Everymind’s expertise. The platform is about transforming healthcare through a good, personalized relationship with the patient, linked to the end-to-end journey of the entire medical record, from its acquisition, integration and retention.

Another point is that, with all this knowledge, it is possible to personalize the type of service offered and have a complete connection with each patient’s needs. With the possibility of anytime, anywhere service, the platform guarantees the constant engagement and support of the entire medical team. Find out how to apply it to your institution with us. Talk to a specialist.