Travel, Transportation
& Hospitality (TTH)

How does Everymind operate in the Travel, Transportation & Hospitality (TTH) segment?

Travel, Transportation & Hospitality (TTH) companies have in common excellence in customer service, becoming a benchmark for the processes of this journey with the end customer. With Salesforce clouds, reaching the end to end of the customer success journey is simpler and more manageable, with real-time transportation management and increased efficiency in customer service. With Everymind, clients have already achieved a 40% increase in the productivity and efficiency of their sales teams. Discover with us how to have a successful journey!

Data centralization
With the centralization and management of information in Salesforce, predictability, customer expertise, product lifecycle, transport time and inventory control and management are the input generators for retaining and serving the customer better and better.

Control tower
Manage the entire transportation process in real time. Salesforce makes it possible to monitor and manage the entire transportation process, being assertive and transparent with the time and possible risks that occur in this process.

Solutions applied to
Travel, Transportation & Hospitality (TTH).


Implement Salesforce in your company in an agile way to optimize all processes in a consultative and personalized way to master your processes such as: real time management of the logistics process, after-sales and customer for follow-up and logistics, among others.

Data & Analytics

Challenge your team with sales, after-sales and customer service data, among others, to leverage results based on the real-time accuracy of all your business data, and start to understand how artificial intelligence can be applied to your company’s needs.


We know that there are a number of processes on various platforms that need to be integrated in order to reconcile the entire day-to-day strategy. Integrate your systems and gain agility.

Sustainability and Governance

After implementing Salesforce, have a team ready to help you reduce the setbacks that can occur in a crisis.