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With more than 350 experts and 500 Salesforce certifications, including Industries, we are specialists in all clouds and we focus on innovating, bringing performance and a 360° vision to all types of companies. Count on Everymind to transform and bring great results to your business.






Customer 360

Data Cloud


Acquisition & Sales

Onboarding & Service

Engagement & Loyalty

Personalized Everymind.

We understand that every business needs to move forward and be one step ahead of the competitive market we are experiencing in a unique way. Everymind, in a consultative and specialized way, is able to identify what these advances are and provide a customized solution for your business, see below:


We support your company in the best application of the Salesforce platform, combining industry knowledge with the best experts in each Cloud. Leveraging your business by bringing more performance, scalability and 360° vision.

Data & Analytics

We get to know your business and create the best solutions, taking into account data from the CRM or outside it, to support decision-making. We use data extraction and organization solutions, in addition to the platform’s capabilities, to create and advance Artificial Intelligence strategies.

Campaign Management and Planning in Marketing Cloud

We help our clients achieve their business objectives and goals using the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform, based on strategies for each stage of the funnel: Acquisition, Conversion, Relationship and Loyalty.


We have a team specialized in automations and integrations with Mulesoft, capable of securely integrating all Salesforce clouds with other systems, which is essential for enabling the customer’s 360° vision.

Commerce Management

Win, retain and increase customer satisfaction with the best strategy in Salesforce Commerce. With expertise and specialists focused on the Cloud, we understand your processes and deliver the solution so that your client can be close to your business anywhere and at any time.

Sustainability and Governance

With extensive knowledge of the platform, as well as the best practices in the market with service levels, our specialist team serves and assists the end user, guaranteeing the availability of your solutions, usability, adoption and governance of the environment.


We train specialized teams for any business strategy in the application of best market practices in Salesforce Clouds in a consultative and specialized manner.

Everymind operates in various
segments and industries.

As well as being experts in Salesforce Clouds, we know our customers’ businesses and are prepared to bring performance to your company.


Consumer Goods

Construction & Development


Energy, Oil & Gas

Professional Services

Health & Life Sciences

Financial Services

Travel, Transportation & Hospitality (TTH)


We are the only Salesforce partner

leader in all quadrants
for 3 consecutive years.

The experience is so
important as the service.

The Customer Success area started in January 2021 and we are currently the only Salesforce partner in Brazil with an exclusive area dedicated to our customers that acts independently and impartially on projects. Our work is strongly based on Everymind’s pillars, with an emphasis on the Everymind DNA, transparency in relationships and care in deliveries. Our clients count on the support of Customer Success throughout the project, guaranteeing a successful journey. Check out our results below:

Survey audited by Salesforce

for 2 consecutive years with a score of 4.8




of evaluations
in the projects.

Get to know
our differentials.

Expertise and certifications in all Salesforce clouds

We are certified in all Salesforce Clouds and have a team fully focused on understanding all the processes of each business and adopting the best practices on the Salesforce platforms.

The only Salesforce partner in Brazil with a Customer Success area

With an area focused on the customer experience, we monitor the progress of the project side by side so that it delivers all the expected results along with an excellent experience with Everymind.

Leader in all 6 quadrants of the ISG Provider Lens report

We are the only Salesforce partner to have won all 6 quadrants of the ISG Provider Lens report for 3 consecutive years.

Committee with expertise in each industry

Creation of committees focused on each industry in the Salesforce ecosystem with the aim of bringing major innovations to our customers’ businesses.