How does Everymind work with this solution?

The Education sector plays a crucial role as a strategic partner in our operations, managing the partnership between Everymind and Salesforce. In addition, his responsibility is to focus the efforts of all areas of the company on the continuous technical and behavioral development of our employees.

Trainee Program: Best Minds

At Everymind, we invest in developing talent through our exclusive trainee training program, Best Minds. This initiative aims to provide trainees with training that covers both the functional perspective and technical development on the Salesforce platform. By integrating participants directly into their corresponding teams, we ensure an effective transition and contribute to rapid integration and exceptional performance right from the start.

Internal expertise

Everymind’s expertise is enhanced by our own workforce. We have a team of qualified professionals, including Functional Analysts, Developers, Tech Leaders and Leaders, responsible for conducting in-house training with excellence.

Everysession Program

Every month, we promote the Everysession, an initiative consisting of technical training sessions for all Everymind employees. These sessions are carefully designed to address the relevant challenges that impact the day-to-day lives of Delivery teams. Through this program, we continuously strengthen the skills and knowledge essential to maintaining excellence in our services.

Certification Journey

The purpose of our Certification Journey initiative is to encourage continuous improvement by giving all Everymind employees the opportunity to take an annual Salesforce certification exam free of charge. This commitment demonstrates our investment in professional development, boosting technical competence, promoting an environment of excellence and becoming a reference in Salesforce.

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Through our initiatives, we are dedicated to training and certifying collaborating teams in each specific cloud. This effort not only drives internal development, but also plays a key role in acquiring new customers. We believe that investing in the knowledge and expertise of our team is crucial to the success and sustainability of our operations, reflecting our commitment to excellence and innovation.


We have 15 certifications in this cloud.


We have 11 certifications in this cloud.


We have 2 certifications in this cloud.


We have 10 certifications in this cloud.


We have 1 certification in this cloud.


We have 47 initial certifications for this cloud.


Adoption of the 70-20-10 Methodology

We are committed to a practical and efficient approach based on the 70-20-10 methodology in all training programs. We focus 70% on practical application, reserve 20% for the exchange of knowledge between participants and dedicate 10% to absorbing information through formal training and reading. This balanced strategy strengthens learning and drives impactful results.