Consumer Goods

How does Everymind operate in the Consumer Goods segment?

Since 2015, Everymind has been operating in the Consumer Goods industry with focused teams made up of experts in CG solutions, supported by advisors who have already served as executives in the industry. Even before the emergence of CG Cloud, Everymind exploited Salesforce’s whitespace in this segment, through templates and accelerators. We currently hold the CG Expert Badge, as well as being the only LATAM partner to participate in Salesforce’s Global Consumer Goods Council.

Trade Investments
Planning and management of trade marketing investments, balancing accounting controls with business flexibility.

Increased revenue by directing the execution of the commercial strategy at all levels of the organization.

Channel Price
Better positioning of product prices at the point of sale, respecting the customer’s channel strategy.

Solutions applied to
Consumer Goods.

Omnichannel Order Taking

Application of the Customer as a Channel concept, making it possible to capture orders through various channels: Inside Sales, Representatives (online and offline mobile application), Digital Channels (EDI, PDF, TXT, CSV, E-mail, Instant Messaging) and Commerce B2B.


Trade Promotion Management processes applied to the various levels of market maturity, starting with the proper recording of negotiations with retailers, through to provisioning, budget management, Proof of Performance, payments and rebates, up to the client’s P&L.

Retail Execution

Planning and segmentation of points of sale, enabling guided and assertive execution for the field team, through routings, planograms in a mobile application (online and offline). Execution metrics, through POS KPIs and the daily activities of the field team.

Multi-Cloud Solutions

Use of the other Salesforce clouds to compose business solutions to extend the breadth of the customer relationship, through executive dashboards in Tableau and CRMA, loyalty and engagement with Loyalty Cloud, expansion of digital channels with Commerce Cloud, segmentation and customer journeys with Markerting Cloud.


Through years of experience in implementing solutions for the consumer goods industry, Everymind brings pre-configured process templates to its projects to reduce CRM implementation time, as well as pre-defined analytical views, speeding up the creation of tactical-strategic views that will support the organization’s executives in monitoring their operations.

Business pains that can be addressed with our templates

  • Which customers haven’t sent in their orders yet?
  • Should I invest in a particular category?
  • How do you anticipate the visibility of a rupture?
  • Do I need to increase the productivity of my field team?