How does Everymind operate in the Utilities segment?

In Brazil, the basic sanitation sector (utilities) is extremely important for guaranteeing access to drinking water and the proper treatment of wastewater. After the approval of the Basic Sanitation Legal Framework Law, the entry of other companies was made possible; until then, the sector was predominantly operated by state-owned companies. At Everymind, we specialize in Salesforce and seek to bring intelligence to the processes of this industry with consultancy and integration with Environmental Management Systems (EMS), for example.

Sales Cloud
A 100% digital sales journey that allows customers to create opportunities, visualize them through simulations with quotations, Oil Capture Flows, an example from the Energy segment, Scaled or Average Pricing, Scorecard Calculations providing an integrated risk analysis in the sales journey. Providing information to the Business Consultant so that he can offer greater and better consultancy to his clients. Plus a 360° view of your customers.

Experience Cloud
It is a complete platform that offers a personalized experience to your customers, partners and employees, thus offering a complete relationship journey, both B2C and B2B, engaging your customer securely, offering information for decision making.

Service Cloud
Customer service platform, offering a 360° view of the customer by listing their products, so that the consultant can offer excellent, consultative service. The biggest benefits are offering a personalized service with the centralization of service, automation in your processes, creating a linear service chain involving all the necessary areas. And all of this is managed through service “cases” generated on the platform, measuring the “SLA” time for each stage of your service, identifying bottlenecks and bringing more intelligence with integrated, multi-channel knowledge bases (bot’s, chat, WhatsApp, email, telephony), in other words, offering several channels, but centralized in a single service cockpit.

Solutions applied to


Master your processes and implement Salesforce in your company with agility, to optimize all processes in a consultative and personalized way with Everymind.

Data & Analytics

Get all the data you need quickly for decision-making, and start to understand how artificial intelligence can be applied to your company’s needs.


We know that there are several processes that are on various platforms, such as SGA, SAP, Totvs, Serasa, among others. Create a complete and robust 360° view of your customers.

Sustainability and Governance

After implementing Salesforce, have a team ready to help you reduce the setbacks that can occur in a crisis.


We have a solid knowledge of the basic sanitation industry, in order to offer criticism of your sales or service processes, bringing all the consultancy services and integration to the segment’s systems, such as SGA and CGR, as well as other systems such as Serasa, TOTVS, etc.

Lead management with capture, nutrition and qualification measuring conversion rates, sales funnel management through opportunities, with forecast views of the entire sales flow. Once the sale has been made, it is possible to have all the management in sight, including the contract, so that the company has a complete view of the sales process, taking into account acquisition, the sales process and flow management, right through to after-sales, with the enabling of service channels, such as chat, telephone, WhatsApp, bot, e-mail, etc.

Bring more intelligence to your collection processes and sales flows.