By: Denis Souza

It’s time to move from the experimentation phase to scaling up the many possibilities that #ArtificialIntelligence has for all industries. I had the opportunity to represent Everymind last week during Salesforce Connections 2024. In my conversations with other leaders, clients and partners, it has become clear that business transformation driven by digital, artificial intelligence and technology is a tangible reality. To remain competitive, companies need to impact their customers in an assertive and personalized way and, in an increasingly dynamic market, they need to move forward with agility and scalability.

The new features presented by Salesforce for its Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud and Data Cloud platforms have proved to be a great enabler for this scenario, making it clear that data plays a more than necessary role in this context. In addition, important innovations involving Einstein1 and Copilots speed up the development of solutions and empower the end customer in order to create a differentiated experience, increasingly creating scenarios that build loyalty for our customers’ brands and products.

Use cases

The use cases presented from different companies around the world were interesting, inspiring customers and partners to create solutions to important business issues. High-level content and debates explored how we can help entire teams exceed expectations and deliver results with CRM. After all, in an era where the process of digitalization continues to revolutionize all industries, the main variable in any project has become how well it can adapt to the inevitable changes that can, overnight, completely transform the previously established scenario.

Innovation is the key

At Everymind we exist to innovate. And we understand that every business needs to move forward and be one step ahead of the competitive market we are experiencing in a unique way. During the event, we noted the increasing power of combining CRM, AI, data and expertise to improve productivity, reduce costs and offer personalized customer experiences. This is the path that is shaping organizations around the world. It’s time to change, to start the journey that will transform processes and learn to activate reliable data from any source to generate insights and personalize customer interactions.

As one of Salesforce’s main partners in Brazil, with global operations and a newly opened office in the United States, we are agents of transformation. We strive to help our clients achieve their goals, we open our doors to a diverse workforce and we want our professionals and specialists to innovate more and more in all our deliveries.

The legacy of Salesforce Connections 2024

What I saw in this edition of Salesforce Connections is the charm of life made easier by technology, of being the protagonists of change, of overcoming limits and arriving at the planned tomorrow. Across the Salesforce ecosystem, we know the importance of using AI to personalize experiences in a whole new way, create and deliver epic customer journeys, and empower professionals and teams to be more productive than ever.

In a world where every organization potentially has access to the same AI tools, creativity and experience are key differentiators and drivers of growth. That’s why at Everymind we know our customers’ processes and are prepared to bring performance to your company, in all industries. We know that privacy, data protection and cybersecurity must be integrated into every organization’s strategy. The biggest difference between who will win and who will lose in the age of Artificial Intelligence isn’t technology, it’s leadership.

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