In today’s business world, the acronym “ESG” has gained prominence as an essential pillar for the sustainable development and long-term success of organizations. And at Everymind, the integration of ESG principles into business and people strategy is much more than a practice, it’s a PRINCIPLE.

What is the ESG?

The acronym ESG refers to three essential pillars for assessing the sustainability, performance and corporate responsibility of organizations.

E – Environmental

It refers to the practices, policies and impacts related to a company’s environmental impact. It includes consideration of carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, waste management, energy efficiency, conservation and use of natural resources and biodiversity, and other measures that seek to minimize the environmental impact of the company’s operations through responsible practices.

S – Social (Social)

It involves social and human issues related to companies and their interactions with society. It covers topics such as diversity and inclusion, working conditions, relations with employees, impact and relationship with local communities, human rights, health and safety of employees, corporate social responsibility and other relevant social issues.

G – Governance

It covers the governance structure, decision-making, leadership practices and management of a company. This includes the composition of the board of directors, protection of shareholders’ rights, transparency in operations, anti-corruption policies, ethical decision-making, conflict prevention and alignment of interests between stakeholders.

The People pillar in the ESG strategy

The People pillar is essential for building a sustainable and ethical company, as it is intrinsically related to the satisfaction and well-being of employees, building a positive image in the market and promoting solid governance. By investing in developing and valuing people, companies can achieve better financial, operational and social results, as well as contributing to a fairer and more equitable society.

ESG is closely related to the way a company treats its employees and stakeholders, which can positively influence the company’s attractiveness as an employer, its productivity, reputation, risk management and social impact. Investors and consumers increasingly consider these aspects when making decisions about companies and investments.

The ESG commitment that transforms people

At Everymind, we understand that ESG is not just a trend, but an approach that transforms lives and contributes to a more sustainable and just world.

Corporate governance is the foundation that underpins our work, guaranteeing transparency, ethics and accountability. We know that robust governance boosts the trust of our employees, clients and partners, strengthening relationships and creating solid foundations for growth.

We invest in areas that directly reinforce the company’s mission and its vision of corporate growth. In other words, when it comes to building a community, we get involved in social initiatives, helping to strengthen local communities through professional training and joint development.

Everymind Culture

Our internal programs, rooted in our culture, are pillars for promoting education, art, music, sport and other areas.

Throughout our more than 8 years of existence, we have impacted a number of people and institutions, through our pro bono program, the distribution of a percentage of our turnover to non-profit institutions, membership of the business coalition for racial and gender equity, and the Don’t Lay Off movement during the Covid19 pandemic, and the training, development and generation of employability for the neurodivergent community.

“We believe that by nurturing creative and educational development, we are contributing to a brighter, more inclusive and more transformative future.” – Eduardo Nunes, Head of People and Culture.

Alignment with the UN SDGs

When we look at the
UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
we see a compass for positive impact. At every step, we direct our actions in line with these SDGs, addressing their vital points for building a more promising future for all people.

Results that make a difference

We understand that corporate sustainability is not just about good intentions, but also about tangible results. Our business strategies are formulated to generate concrete results for the SDGs and for all our stakeholders, ensuring that our impact is relevant and measured.

In an ever-changing world, Everymind remains steadfast in its aim to deliver an inclusive, fair and sustainable future; demonstrating that a serious commitment to ESG is the essence of a truly transformative and sustainable company.

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