Application Management Services (AMS) refer to a set of services offered for the management, maintenance and ongoing support of software applications or information systems.

Some examples of AMS

These applications can include business management systems (such as ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM – Customer Relationship Management systems, HRIS – Human Resources Information Systems and other solutions specific to certain business needs.

The potential of AMS in 6 topics

AMSs cover several essential activities to ensure the continuous and efficient operation of applications. See 6 examples:

  1. Monitoring and support: constant monitoring and supervision of application performance and availability, with corrective actions and technical support to resolve problems;
  2. Maintenance: regular updates, bug fixes and development of improvements to ensure that the application complies with requirements and works efficiently;
  3. Incident management: responding to and resolving incidents reported by users, seeking to restore services as quickly as possible while respecting SLAs through workarounds or definitive solutions;
  4. Change management: implementing controlled and planned changes to applications, ensuring the stability of the environment;
  5. Problem management: investigating the root causes of specific or recurring problems and proposing corrective solutions;
  6. User support: providing technical support and guidance to application users by answering questions about the application’s day-to-day routines.

“Our key success factor has been the care we take when starting our AMS operations, the design of which begins during the construction of the project. Our care can be seen right from the due diligence stage – which is one of the main reasons for our clients’ satisfaction. Investing in intelligent and flexible processes, as well as in service methodologies that have been proven worldwide, has made our clients’ operations run smoothly and with a very low incidence of problems.” – Camila Brito, Head of AMS Everymind.

Eliminating flow pains in the information environment

These services are crucial for companies that use software applications in their business processes, as they guarantee the availability, reliability and performance of the applications, allowing the organization to achieve its business objectives more efficiently and effectively.

We’re talking about common flow problems such as

  • Difficulty in resolving day-to-day setbacks when a crisis occurs, without giving visibility to key-users;
  • Difficulty in understanding the behavior of a routine or important flows without maintaining an automation or rule that has been implemented in the system for a long time;
  • Lack of monitoring and governance of all changes made to the platform, communicating them to those concerned;
  • Need for proof of application of best practices;
  • Among others.

“It’s very common for us to be called in to reverse perceptions or dissatisfaction with previous implementations. This is usually due to a weakness in the management of Salesforce applications that we notice on a day-to-day basis and, consequently, a difficulty in scaling the operation. On the other hand, our customers, who have chosen us as their Salesforce expert and consultative partner for the entire lifecycle of the service, continually prove the value of the application in their business areas and optimize their AMS investments.” – Camila Brito, Head of AMS Everymind.

The role of AMS Everymind in the Salesforce universe

At Everymind, there is an AMS team that works like a Salesforce superhero.

If something isn’t running as expected within the operating environment of a client with a Salesforce platform, our experts will be on hand to apply corrections and maintenance in an agile manner, thanks to the ITIL governance model, which regulates good IT (Information Technology) practices.

The aim is to handle the management, maintenance and ongoing support of Salesforce applications quickly, minimizing any setbacks in our clients’ businesses, keeping them informed at all times through open communication throughout the process.

4 basic and essential solutions that the Everymind team proposes to bring to its clients

Everymind supports Salesforce operations with a team of multi-cloud experts, able to follow 4 essential steps for efficiency in its clients’ day-to-day business:

  1. Support for your platform, guaranteeing availability, usability and experience for the business team, as well as small evolutionary improvements that do not yet require a project team;
  2. Availability of a certified team, in a shared or dedicated structure, focused on your segment, providing proactive/consultative service;
  3. Real-time monitoring of the operation’s calls through Salesforce reports and dashboards that can be integrated into your platform;
  4. Ensuring that Salesforce environments are managed in accordance with the platform’s best practices.

Anyway, tell us: what do you think is better for your company, resolving setbacks or having ongoing support?

Prefer both! Find out more about the Everymind AMS solution, check the availability and limits of each service and take your service operations to the next level.