Every company has an infinite amount of data generated in its day-to-day activities. With the advancement of platforms linked to macro strategies, this plethora of data is growing more and more.

The adoption of a data transformation allows for great results, and Everymind, with its expertise, has listed 5 major differentials that any business can gain from this initiative. Check it out:

1. Increased performance and time optimization

With data collected on the time of daily demands, especially the time of each project in progress within the company, it is possible to detect which stage presents the greatest difficulty in execution, thus enabling greater decision-making power to optimize delivery time. Another important point is to have control by means of a dashboard, which can direct you on a day-to-day basis to all the possibilities for change. In one of Everymind’s cases with a company, for example, savings of 30% were achieved in the execution of analysts’ data processing activities, consequently boosting the team’s productivity.

2. Access to assertive information consistent with the business strategy

For any business, it is essential to have data from reliable sources that is aligned with the strategy adopted at the time. With the implementation of data intelligence, real-time visualization and access become easier, condensing relevant information to guide decisions and project adjustments. This need is crucial for all companies. With the help of platforms such as Tableau and CRM Analytics, Everymind offers specialists who identify the main results desired by the business and create customized dashboards that allow daily visualization and monitoring. This brings optimization and greater understanding of the initiatives and their results.

3. Rapid progress on the data transformation journey

Implementing a data transformation strategy is a continuous and evolving process. As a company advances in this transformation, it is possible to expand the scope of the data collected and analyzed. This includes integrating new sources of data relevant to the business in addition to existing data, which should not be discarded. In addition, the data culture is strengthened by establishing appropriate governance and monitoring the results obtained. The more comprehensive the view of the data, the greater the ability to gain meaningful insights.

4. Increased productivity

Analysis and intelligent use of data make it possible to identify inefficiencies in business processes. By eliminating bottlenecks, optimizing workflows and automating repetitive tasks, data transformation contributes to greater operational efficiency, reducing costs and increasing productivity. What’s more, it provides a clear and accurate view of business performance and trends, providing valuable insights to help make strategic decisions.

5. GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) – Understanding the technology and its possibilities

Yes, it is possible to use ChatGPT in conjunction with data intelligence. A company can achieve significant results with this practice at an advanced level, such as: improved customer experience, through chatbots and sophisticated virtual assistants, capable of interacting in a personalized way, which also allows real-time insights into preferences, needs and behaviors, providing more informed and targeted decision-making; increased operational efficiency, with ChatGPT being able to be applied in various areas, helping with technical support, lead screening, order processing and much more, thus expanding the scale of service; automation of routine and repetitive tasks, freeing up staff to focus on activities with greater added value; in short, ChatGPT is still a field to be explored, but it already offers a multitude of possibilities.

Everymind is a Salesforce partner and, together with its Tableau and CRM Analytics experts, offers advanced data transformation solutions that make it possible to achieve these results and much more. With our expertise, your company can boost data intelligence and achieve success in your business strategies.