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The e-book “Free energy market in 2024: is your company ready?” discusses the significant changes planned for the Brazilian electricity sector from January 2024.

Focusing on the transformations in the free energy market, the text highlights both the benefits and the challenges associated with this transition.

Pain and challenges

The material begins by elucidating the pains faced by the energy sector, including exposure to market risks, complexities in analyzing offers and the requirements for adapting metering, billing and regulatory systems. These challenges highlight the importance of preparing companies for the imminent opening up of the market.

Opportunities and changes

From 2024, Group A consumers, especially high-voltage industries and businesses, will have the opportunity to participate in the free energy market without the prior requirement of a very high contracted demand. This represents a significant change, allowing this group to seek savings, sustainability and autonomy in energy management.

Reducing the demand limit to 250 kW will increase participation in this market, providing a unique opportunity for various sectors.

Everymind’s role in the transition

The last part of the e-book highlights Everymind’s role, in partnership with Salesforce, in preparing companies for this transition. It addresses specific solutions, such as Salesforce’s Digital Energy Platform, which combines data, artificial intelligence and CRM to catalyze relationships between companies and consumers.

In addition, the material asks companies how they intend to adapt to this energy transition and how Everymind can be an ally in this process, reinforcing the need for agility, flexibility and efficiency to shape the future of energy.

An invitation to read

Get a comprehensive view of the imminent opening of the free energy market in 2024, which presents a balance between the challenges facing the sector and the opportunities that are unfolding.

And discover the importance of technological solutions, especially those provided by Everymind, in preparing and making your company more effective in this new scenario.

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