In its continuous journey towards excellence, Everymind adds diversity and inclusion as fundamental pillars, recognizing their moral importance, but also the significant impacts that these principles have on business results.

By adopting inclusive and pluralistic practices, Everymind is at the forefront, driving three major results that shape the company’s present and future.

1. innovation

Diversity is a natural catalyst for innovation. By bringing together a team with a variety of perspectives, experiences and skills, Everymind fosters an environment conducive to creativity.

The inclusion of different perceptions and contexts provides more comprehensive and effective solutions to today’s challenges. At Everymind, we understand that true innovation flourishes when each person feels valued and able to contribute their unique ideas.

2. Knowledge of society

The diversity of talent at Everymind reflects the plurality of society. This conscious approach enriches the internal environment, but also amplifies our ability to understand and serve a diverse clientele.

With collaborative people representing their beliefs, a variety of backgrounds, Everymind enhances its understanding of social complexities, offering valuable insights to optimize service delivery to clients and the wider ecosystem.

3. Fairness

Everymind reaffirms its commitment to equity, providing fair opportunities and promoting a culture that values every person.

We believe that offering career paths accessible to everyone not only nurtures diverse talents, but also builds a collective strategy for the future.

EveryPeople: an Everymind initiative for inclusion and diversity

EveryPeople is the beating heart of Everymind’s approach to diversity and inclusion. It is a culture that is experienced on a daily basis.

Everymind believes that real change starts from the inside out, and EveryPeople is the concrete expression of our commitment to building a diverse, inclusive and plural work environment.

“We started this journey almost two years ago, with many lessons learned, with the most genuine spirit of generating impact and experience in practice for all the people who are contributing directly to EveryPeople, and for the plural people who make Everymind a reference.

We made progress in representing the four main points we set ourselves, as well as raising the quality and depth of the conversation in relation to the strategy for the coming years, which focuses on developing and valuing people.

We are fostering a fairer and more inclusive environment, which drives growth, innovation and people’s well-being, delivering diverse results and benefits for Everymind and society.”

Eduardo Nunes – CPO Everymind

The EveryPeople program aims to strengthen the culture of diversity and inclusion with a focus on four main points – LGBTQIAPN+, neurodiversity, people with disabilities and race/ethnicity, linked across the board to impact social minorities and genders.

Working to promote rights and opportunities for people, its initiatives and strategic actions aim to positively impact the company, promoting more humanized relationships, in an environment centered on empathy, individual appreciation and the deconstruction of prejudice.

Be part of a team that lives Diversity & Inclusion as the essence of who we are and who we aspire to be. Apply for our vacancies or in the talent pool: